Prospect Park Renovation

The Prospect Park Redevelopment Master Plan will greatly enhance user experience at Prospect Park. A variety of improvements will serve to make existing activity areas more usable, and create new recreation opportunities throughout the park. In addition to a new football field, several passive recreation opportunities will be available such as new picnic shelters, pickleball courts, a fishing boardwalk, and a pedestrian bridge for access to park amenities west of the lake.

Park Improvements

  • Vehicular and pedestrian circulation improved to enhance parking and walkability
  • New signage throughout
  • Enhanced park entry with landscaping
  • Six new pickleball courts with lighting
  • New picnic area
  • New restrooms and storage facility
  • New chain link fencing at softball fields and improvements to dugouts to meet ADA guidelines
  • New full-size football field added on Lovejoy property
  • New picnic pavilion
  • Replacement of basketball court and horseshoe pits
  • New trees and landscape elements added throughout
  • New irrigation system

Phase I

A contract was awarded to Colorado Designscapes in the amount of $2,209,000. The Parks and Recreation Department was also awarded a grant from Jefferson County Open Space in the amount of $360,000 to help with the renovation. The remaining cost for the project will be funded from the City's Open Space Fund and Conservation Trust Fund (Lottery dollars).

Construction oh phase one of the renovation began in July 2017. The work to be completed includes the renovation of the two softball fields, including new dugouts and fencing, a new football field located east of the south softball field, a small picnic shelter, relocation of the trail south of the field and improved entry at 44th Ave. Due to weather conditions and site drainage changes, the project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018. When play can resume on the fields will be determined in the spring after the new sod is installed.

Phase I completed projects:

  • Demolition
  • Rough grading
  • New trail alignment
  • Dugout and shelter foundations

Phase I projects in progress:

  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Storm sewer
  • Irrigation system
  • Fence work
  • Sod

Phase II

What will be included in phase two of the renovation is still to be determined based on available funding. The department was awarded a Great Outdoors Colorado Grant to help leverage funding. Phase II construction scheduled to begin June 2018.

The projects remaining to be completed include:

  • Improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation to enhance parking and walkability
  • New signage throughout
  • 6 new pickleball courts with lighting
  • New large picnic pavilion
  • Replacement of basketball court and horseshoe pits
  • Additional trees and landscape elements, and irrigation
2016 Prospect Park Master Plan