Special Investigations Unit


Two members of this team are assigned to work with the West Metro Drug Task Force (WMDTF). Their primary focus is drug/narcotic cases, including response to clandestine drug labs. One member is assigned to the Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force (MATT) and one member is the department's vice and intelligence detective.

Reporting Suspected Drug Activity

If you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood, you are encouraged to report it. You may leave an anonymous tip at (303) 424-4779.

You may also call the Communication Center at (303) 237-2220 to make a report.

Reporting Auto Theft Information

If you are the victim of an auto theft, please call the Communications Center at (303) 237-2220 to make a report. If you have information regarding auto thieves, chop shops, or auto theft rings, please call the MATT tip line at (303) 987-7007.

Reporting Vice Crimes

Please call the Communications Center at (303) 237-2220 to make a report or contact the Investigations Bureau at (303) 235-2945 and ask for the Vice/Intelligence Detective.