Building Division Policy Statements

From The Desk Of The Chief Building Official

The Chief Building Official has issued the following Policy Statements:

  • BD-07-003 Inspection of Foundation Systems for Residential and Commercial Building
  • BD-08-001 Request for refund of plan review and permit fees
  • BD-08-002 Permit fees for Solar Energy System Installations
  • BD-08-003 Issuance of Class 13 Lawn Sprinkler Contractor Licenses & Installation of backflow prevention devices
  • BD-09-002 Electronic Permit Submittal
  • BD-10-001 Stop Work Notice Posting
  • BD-10-002 Roof Covering Installation and Inspection Requirements
  • BD-10-003 Egress Window Requirements for Window Replacements
  • BD-10-004 General Permit Requirements
  • BD-18-001 Balanced Attic Ventilation Policy
  • BD-18-002 Attic Ceiling Insulation
  • Smoke Alarms